I’m not a serial blogger, but I’m a serial blog starter. If I have just one problem (and living in a fallen world, I have many more than that), it’s that I start a personal website, maintain it for a while, then give up on it. That said, my last attempt was a bit different. I didn’t just renew my web hosting and slap a coat of WordPress on it. Instead, I decided to use my HTML (and some CSS) know-how to set up a very basic landing page. For a one-stop shop on all things Derek, it wasn’t a terrible idea, but because I wasn’t using a content management software like WordPress, I ended up writing all the posts in HTML. I hated it.

And because I hated it so much, I gave up on it and moved on. The thing is, I didn’t completely stop writing. I’ve been journaling from time to time and writing other things for personal use. It’s been a very nice time for me–finally finding a level of comfort where I write for me without any sort of endgame or goal.

But the world continues to spin, and I find myself in a position where trying to relaunch derektillotson.com makes a lot of sense. Who knows how often I’ll post on here? Maybe daily? Monthly? Yearly? But I’m here again, and every time I find myself writing something and slapping “Publish” it feels a little like home.