Derek Tillotson

No Longer a Writer

I’m done trying to force myself to write regularly. I like writing. In fact, I love writing. And I could “blah blah blah” about all the great things writing has done for me over the years. But when I start to consider what is important in my life, I’m not sure where writing falls. It should be something I do, but it’s no longer something that I can allow to define me. Instead of considering myself a “writer” like I did for some years, I’m now simply a guy who sometimes writes. Quite frankly, there’s less pressure that way.

Still, there are benefits to me writing. After all, I’ve had my best creative periods in times where I was writing daily, so I suppose I should at least be making a point to do it much more often as I do now. Indeed, the last time I posted on this blog (my most recent of many blog reboots), I was still not yet Catholic. Man, the last 6-7 months have flew by.

There are things I need to be doing daily that are more important than writing–prayer, reading, personal wellness, etc. Those should and will take priority. But now, in a post-“writer” life, maybe I’ll actually write more often. Not sure what that will be, but it should be a hoot.