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I've taken steps over the past year to live minimally. For the most part, it's been a tough journey where I screw up often. That's because having "stuff" is deeply ingrained as part of our consumerist society. We're taught that things are good and they make you happy. The latter point is certainly untrue.

The one thing I'm not struggling with, though, is my wardrobe.

I'm not quite where I want to be long-term, but I'm moving in the right direction. Above all else, I want my collection of clothing to be as practical as possible. I have enough shirts, pants, and undergarments to get through about fifteen days before needing to do a load of laundry. This means I typically do the wash every two weeks, a setup I adore. Similarly, I have the perfect number of clothes hangers for my shirts, minus whichever one I'm wearing at the time. Everything clicks.

When I was buying a lot of pro wrestling t-shirts (just a few years ago), I would groan over the multitude of black shirts on the market. I don't go to a ton of wrestling shows anymore, but when I do, I often wear a bright polo, in order to stand out among the sea of black tees. But now, my wardrobe is staying black (well, my ideal is heather grey). There's something about a plain black t-shirt that I find pleasant. I think it blends into a crowd.

Other than that, the rest of my wardrobe is precise. I almost always wear blue jeans when I leave the house. I hated jeans for the longest time, but I eventually needed them for work, and they've grown on me. I also have plenty of underpants, white socks, a synthetic leather belt, a black pullover shirt, three polo shirts (one red, one light blue, and one blue striped)--but I plan to knock that down to two soon--black and white sneakers, and two pairs of shorts: One of sleeping and one for lounging.

Even then, I still feel like I have too much. Do I need three polo shirts if nearly every employer I've interviewed with is wearing either a t-shirt or hoodie? (Probably not) Could I sleep in my underwear and get rid of a pair of shorts? (Yes, but I won't) Do I really like the idea of wearing the same outfit every day? (You bet I do)

Written April 14, 2020

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