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Pro Wrestling

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, I've watched two pro wrestling shows (and one individual match). This is down least 100 shows last year, though it's probably well over double that number, I didn't keep count.

Pro wrestling was a big part of my life for a large amount of it. I made friends over a mutual love of it. I had a podcast based mostly on wrestling (I miss recording audio). There was a brief time where most of my shirts were wrestling shirts. And I still consider myself a fan, but for whatever reason, the time of Coronavirus has sucked away any desire to go out of my way to watch it.

I think I've started to take stock in what really matters to me. And although I love pro wrestling, I've come to embrace things that I enjoy more, like certain video games, writing, ukulele, and meditation (currently doing 30-60 minutes a day). I still keep an eye on what's happening in certain companies (Stardom and OZ Academy, mostly), and I suppose I'd go out of my way to watch something if really calls to me (like a major title match or someone's retirement) or if I have some other motivation (like if someone wants me to watch/dicuss with them). But otherwise, it's fallen down my list of interests.

It feels weird, though. This thing I used to watch too much of is now something I hardly acknowledge anymore. In the past, I'd often go through periods of a month or two where I wouldn't watch much, but I would still be engaged and dabble. Now, there's no engagement. And (almost) no dabbling.

When I look at the timeline, however, I begin to wonder if my interest in wrestling was linked to my social media usage. I don't have data, because it would be weird data to have, but I suspect the periods where I was watching the most wrestling lined up with the periods I was most active on Twitter (and probably Reddit). And since I'm no longer actively engaged on Reddit or Twitter (besides occasionally plugging my stuff and DMing people), that is a likely reason why my hardcore interest in wrestling has waned.

My interest in doing a podcast remains. however. Though without watching more wrestling than I can handle, I have no idea what it'd be like. Maybe general chit-chat for fun?

Written July 12, 2020

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