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On my other, more fun blog, I wrote my thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians (the book, not the film). The gist of it is: I like it and I plan to read the two sequels in due time. But since I'm trying to handwrite all my blog posts (well, the first drafts) in cursive, I decided to keep up the practice and write something else today. So I'm writing about the other blog.

For those who don't know me well, I spent about two years doing freelance writing for a few video game publication, especially mobile game reviews. I stopped primarily because I was getting burned out and felt my writing was suffering as a result. Since then, I've flirted with going back, but have found more job in writing for myself.

With a personal blog, you are the writer, the editing, the managing editor, and the editor-in-chief. Essentially: You call all the shots. Most people with day jobs are not the ultimate decision makers--I know I'm not--but running your own blog (even something as tiny as this) offers your a chance to be that shot caller. It's a hell of a feeling.

I have the second blog so I can write about the "fun" stuff that less personal than what I share on here. I'm planning to format those posts so I can share them here if I feel so inclined. But for now, things like video game reviews or book thoughts can be found on

The other blog will be updated far less than this one, but I'll try to find things to keep it active. The stuff that matters most to me, however, will always remain here.

Written April 13, 2020

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