Derek Tillotson


Waiting for opportunity to arrive is a waste of time. Contrary to the popular saying, opportunity doesn't come knocking. But it's also something that cannot be created. Instead, countless opportunities are constantly present, whether they're career opportunities, social opportunities, or opportunities for hobbies, health, etc.

The difficulty is not finding these opportunities--they're everywhere. Nor is it seizing them--anyone can jump on one. The difficult part of opportunity is planting your flag in it. By building up your strength in whatever area your target opportunities reside, you'll have the power to claim it as your own and make yourself indispensible.

Opportunity isn't about "who you know" or "right place, right time." They may play a factor once in a while, but the more important pieces are becoming adept at noticing opportunity sitting in front of you, and having the skill to take charge when you do.

Written February 19, 2020

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