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I'm nine days into a daily meditation practice. After the rousing success of the digital declutter, I decided to give another 30-day program a go. This time, my plan is to meditate each morning (if I work, meditate before I leave the house). The first week was just fifteen minutes a day. Week 2 is 20 minutes. Week 3 is 30 minutes. And the final stretch will be 30 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening.

Nine days in and I'm already starting to notice things. I've noticed that I'm less bothered by the stupid things people do (like approach me at work, then take off their mask as they start to speak to me). I'm becoming less worried about things that may otherwise stir up negative emotion ("What will I do if I get Coronavirus and can't work for a while?). I'm also beginning to become more focused on little quality of life things, such as better dusting around the house (by far my least favorite housework), being more connected to the world around me--rather than the digital world--, and buying 25 pound sacks of rice instead of smaller bags.

But meditation is also making me more aware of my spiritual wellness as a whole. Part of that has been because I've also spent the past couple weeks learning more about Buddhism. It has intrigued me for a long time because it's very much unlike any of the other major world religions. There's no worshipping gods. There's no laws you must follow (unless you're a monk). And the core concept of removing most desires from your life is a valuable lesson in the digital age.

Much like the digital declutter, I don't know where meditation is going to lead me. So far, I like wherever it's going. Once things begin to normalize, I hope to start going out on my days off work and try meditating in parks--possibly via walking meditation. I'm also thinking of borrowing a common Buddhist practice and assembling a small meditation altar in my house--to be used as a way to remind myself to meditate and be mindful. I have a candle that needs to get some sort of use.

Written May 24, 2020

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