Derek Tillotson


I was off work for most of January. The store I work in was undergoing remodeling and since I had over 200 hours of paid time off saved, I decided to use most of it.

I had a plan going into the month. I would write fiction every day. I would spend a lot of time getting better on the ukulele in preparation of an upcoming trip to Hawaii. I would watch a movie every day.

Little of that happened. I watched a few movies (around ten or so). I wrote fiction every day for the first few weeks, but slowed down after that. I poked around on my cheap guitar more than any of my ukuleles. But I also built this website. I started blogging again. I got to chat with people from a small handful of really cool companies. I cleaned parts of the bathroom I've never considered before.

Sometimes plans change. Disappointment in what you didn't do should never overwhelm your happiness for what you did.

Written February 3, 2020

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