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I didn't really write when I was on vacation. Huge mistake on my part.

I learned a lot from spending a week in rural Hawaii with my family. I learned that people have no idea how you can have a meal without killing an animal. I learned that I would greatly prefer taking a vacation in a city than being in the middle of nowhere. And I learned that I still like watching football.

Like a lot of Americans, I've spent a lot of my life watching grown men in helmets run into each other on Sundays, but over the past few years, I've grown a little tired. I've blamed it on a combination of working most Sundays and not being able to watch the Minnesota Vikings.

Not having many chances to see my team hasn't helped things, but I've come to realize that I'm not really tired with football, I'm tired of the NFL.

I came to that realization when I finally got around to watching the XFL during my vacation. It was a hell of a lot of fun--the game itself, the new rules, and the TV presentation all won me over. And that sent me down a rabbit hole looking into other alternative leagues. Then, I realized Oakland is getting an Indoor Football League team, the Panthers. And now I'm a season ticket holder for them.

Sometimes a change of pace or style is a wonderful way to reignite a passion. And I'm sure there's some other cheeseball lesson I could think of regarding playing football on a tiny field.

Written March 4, 2020

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