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Digital Declutter: Day 5

Four days down. It's more than a tenth of the way there, I suppose!

Days three and four were infinitely easier than days one and two. I credit that to having to go to work, so there was little space for distraction. Especially because I have started leaving my phone locked up when I'm on the clock. There are things I can use my phone for when I'm working--helping customers, looking up things on the company website, etc.--but the constant temptation of checking my text messages or looking up something completely unnecessary trumps the benefits I can draw from it. Plus, it's kind of liberating. When all your coworkers are trying to send a message or sneak a phone call on the clock, it gives me a chance to focus extra hard on the tasks at hand. (Also, the breakroom is a much more interesting experience when you're not on a phone--people seem less likely to bother you when you're writing something by hand)

On the topic of handwriting, I've been using some of my downtime to practice my cursive. I mentioned it briefly in the day 2 update, and I've been sticking with it so far. My printing is still faster than my cursive, but the gap has been closing. Slowly closing, but closing all the same.

I'm almost finished with the books I started reading on day one. There's a reasonable chance I may write some sort of review for at least one of them on my other blog, but no promises (I gotta write something on there, though). Also, Crazy Rich Asians is making me want to learn to speak Hokkien, and I don't know why. Maybe it's because of my love-hate relationship with learning Spanish. And also because Hokkien isn't a well-known Chinese language, as far as the western world is concerned.

I miss going to the movies (that's more of a Coronavirus complaint than a digital declutter complaint), but I don't miss watching movies. I'm allowing myself to watch purchased or rented films, in either digital or physical form (just avoid free/subscription streaming services). Haven't had the desire to do so yet. We'll see what the coming weeks look like.

Finally, I haven't really had any problems not playing video games yet. I've had a few moments where I caught myself wondering how my Animal Crossing neighbors are doing, which is an unnerving thought to have. Other than that, I feel like I'm missing out on something when I hear coworkers talk about games, or receive texts from people playing Final Fantasy VII Remake (which I wouldn't be playing anyways since I don't have a PlayStation 4). Those feelings are quick to disappear, though.

In my lack of video games, I've also been trying to doodle various video game characters' heads, but make them look kind of stupid. Here's Pikachu.

Written April 12, 2020

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