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Digital Declutter: Day 23

The New Normal

The biggest thing I was concerned about when I began my digital declutter was how I'd react to not playing video games? With only a week to go, I can confidently say: Pretty damn well.

Certain things have been a struggle. I get occasionally sucked into the horrors of YouTube. I find myself searching Google for stupid things. I'm probably texting a little more than I should, but overall: Things have gone well to this point.

Not keeping my phone on me while working has been a great feeling. There was a period where I carried a flip phone in order to break away, and if I had one that worked with my current carrier, I'd probably do that again. I'll check texts during my breaks, but I've improved my distancing from technology compared to a month ago.

Being back on the track of writing every day has been the biggest plus side for me. I'm hand-writing most things (except this post, oddly enough) and that has created a small level of fun that keeps motivating me to write more. The writing project I'm working on is going well, and while I'm a long ways off from being able to share anything, I'm having much more of a blast than I ever have with similar projects.

I'm reading more. I'm eating (somewhat) better. I'm less bothered by the monotony of retail (especially during a pandemic). I'm listening to music more often (without headphones--but not in public, because that's a jerk move). I'm getting re-motivated to study a langauge (even though I always fall off quickly). And those other things I was doing to waste time? I don't miss them at all. Especially social media. Still not sure what I'm going to do with my Twitter feed. May just keep it as a landing spot to share blog posts, with the caveat that I delete it the moment I start checking the timeline or notifications.

Also, I've developed a urge to golf more. I've wanted for a while to build a minimalist set of clubs (1 wood, 3 hybrid, 5 iron, 7 iron, 9 iron, sand wedge, putter) that I can use mostly on short courses (I already have the wood. Otherwise, I wouldn't list it). I haven't figured out how much that'd cost yet, but because it's hard to spend too much money during a pandemic I may start slowly purchasing stuff. I need to look into it and think about it more, though.

Written April 30, 2020

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