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Digital Declutter: Day 2

Only on the second day of my digital declutter. I've screwed up a couple times so far. I instinctively put on YouTube when I'm cooking, so that happened. I also caved and turned on a podcast while cooking a different time. Cooking seems to be a tough one. I should be listening to music. Oh and I also played more nonograms than I expected, so I gave Konami Pixel Puzzle Collection the boot.

Still, I think the weirdest thing about a digital declutter is that I picked the weirdest time to give it a go. Given the fact that I can't (well, shouldn't) leave the house unless necessary, I'm stuck inside and there's not a ton to do besides read and little things to keep active.

This means I've been reading a lot. And I've been writing a lot. I've also played on the ukulele a fair bit and I've started practicing my cursive, because proper writing is much more fun than printing with a fountain pen.

Part of me is happy I still need to work, however. Getting coughed on by customers for eight hours a day is rough, but it'll at least get me out of the house and deliver a change of pace. If I didn't have to shelter in place, I'd probably be going to movies and walking around parks with my downtime, neither of which is reasonable at the moment.

For the record, I'm currently reading:

Written April 9, 2020

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