Derek Tillotson


Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth publishing a blog post if it's not very long. But that thought places more value on the quantity of words over the quality of them.

There are times when quantity is important. If you're a student writing an essay that requires a minimum word/page count, you may need to include things that would be better off omitted. But if you're writing a murder mystery and you include three paragraphs on the elderly victim's high school crush (who isn't related to the story in any way), you're usually better off cutting those words.

But blogging is a different beast. I've no word limits, and the relevancy of my words depends on who I am writing for. 99 times out of 100, if I'm posting it here, I am writing for myself. I write things I need to hear, advice I can't get through to myself any other way. In that sense, blogging isn't about quantity. It isn't even about quality. It's about delivering a message.

Written February 1, 2020

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