The “V” word

In late 2012, I had just got a new job that paid less than my old one (but paid more than nothing), and while I was out grocery shopping, I noticed that meat was expensive. So I decided “I just won’t eat it for a month and I’ll see what happens.” That month of eating a plant-based diet (also called a “vegan” diet, which is technically not correct–I’ll explain later) turned into a year. And it was followed up by a year of being ovo-pescatarian (eat eggs and fish). During that year, I lost a lot of weight and my health was the best it had ever been in my adult life.

But eventually I got bored with it because my weight loss plateaued. So I transitioned into a paleo-style diet. Did that for a couple months before I slowly started falling back into a standard American diet: Meat, cheese, milk, eggs, and fish. Every day. All of it.  Continue reading

About me

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota, whose population was under 500.

At age 18, I went to college. A small state university in a town with a population of about 15,000.

At age 20, I decided to major in political science, with the goal of going to law school and becoming an attorney. Continue reading

The benefits of anger

I don’t think I have an anger problem. Maybe I do. I’m not sure. I like to think I get angry about as much as anyone else. Although I’d prefer to think I never get angry, but that would be a total lie and would 100% indicate an anger problem.

Today was not a great day. Starting from a bird pooping on my hat before work, to a long day at work, to butting heads with someone, to apologizing because I felt like an ass about it, to finally getting off work after an 11 hour shift. Continue reading

The trouble with Twitters

I’m killing off almost all my social media.

I deleted my Facebook account a couple months ago. Never regretted it. Facebook is the ultimate “time-wastey” social media. It’s mostly full of people being overly angry at the news, a bunch of really dumb videos that auto-play, the worst ads of any social network, and really dumb notifications. Continue reading

Writer’s block

I had an idea for something to write, but I decided it was too much work, and I didn’t want to put that much effort into something not fun.

I think that’s a good way to approach life overall: Don’t waste time with things that don’t improve you or make you feel good. And if you need to do something you don’t want to do, find a way to make it as enjoyable as possible. Continue reading

Lessons from a bad interviewee

I’ve had a lot of job interviews over the past five or six years. And I mean a lot. If you include phone interviews, I’m sure I’m well over 100. But I’ve had a ton of in-person interviews, as well.

And while I feel very good about landing the phone interview, and pretty good about nailing it, it feels like my record at in-person meetups is lacking. Mostly because only three interviews have ever turned into an offer. Continue reading

Give a hoot, write a book

One urge I get when I start writing regularly is the urge to write another book. I’ve written (and self-published) three. One was an unfinished novel I published in its raw state a 2-3 years ago. The others were short ebooks I haven’t thought about in a few years. Maybe I’ll start a mailing list at some point and give them away.

I liked writing those books. Not so much the unfinished novel–when I write fiction, I tend to get bored after a week or two and never finish the story–but the others were experiences I loved, even if I never want to go back and read them. Continue reading

The Benefits of Writing

Every blog I’ve ever started (or rebooted, like this one) has included a post like this. It’s the most important topic I can write about. More important than how work makes me feel. More important than how college was a waste of my money and I want to return my degree. And more important than developing a sense of loyalty to myself.

The most important topic I can write about is writing. Continue reading

Let’s just give up already

Just a few days into my one-two punch of “study Italian and only eat food from home,” I’ve screwed up three times:

  1. I ran late one morning so I had to buy breakfast on the way to work.
  2. I found change in my pocket and bought a Twix bar from a vending machine (whoops)
  3. I really have no desire to study a romance language that’s not Spanish

Continue reading