Sometimes, you want a fresh start.

I rebooted around the beginning of 2020. I wanted a simpler website/blog where everything was my own, and it was all built on HTML, CSS, and eventually–as was the plan–Javascript.

I quickly realized that I didn’t like that idea.

I kept things simple. I updated the blog from time to time, as I’ve done. There were even periods where I was posting something just about every day–as I’ve also done. I’d long considered writing to be meditative in its effects for me. Early in 2020, I realized that meditation also has meditative effects–who knew?

Over time, I started focusing more on meditation and spirituality and fell farther away from my daily writing. What took things to a different level was opening my eyes to social media. On the whole, social media is a waste of time for most people, and those companies actively attempt to monopolize our time–taking us away from things that are genuinely meaningful and/or productive.

And in many ways, I felt that writing daily about myself became very much my new social media. The effects were likely different, but the waste of time felt the same. That feeling caused me to break away.

When 2021 hit, I found myself moving forward in another direction–this one more grounded in faith. Perhaps I’ll get more in depth on that in the future. But one of the results of this change is another desire to write again. It’s probably not going to be often. It may or may not be anything interesting. And it may never be anything I end up publishing. But I felt the best option was to reboot my blog yet again. Keep things simple. Keep them straightforward. And start another chapter.

My old site is still available for viewing here, but I won’t be updating it.