The second greatest habit I’ve ever developed (then broke)–after daily writing–was idea generation. It was something I borrowed from writer/investor James Altucher. It’s simple: Write ten ideas a day. About anything at all. Try to theme them, though.

It’s the one thing I always do when I feel an emotional or mental low. And it always makes me feel somewhat batter. And doing it every day makes idea generation a little bit easier, the idea a little bit better, and the desire to act on those ideas a lot stronger.

But it’s been too long. The less active I am with idea generation, the worse I get. And right now, I feel like I’m back at square one. It sucks, but–as it is with writing–the trick is to keep doing it.

I carry a notepad in my pocket just about everywhere I go, so I have the means to be writing ideas all day. I have the time, between breaks at work, bus rides, and sitting at home. The hard part is motivation. But to see where I’ve been before and contrast it with where I am now, that’s the motivation I need.

In the future, I may share some of these ideas. Some of them may be used to build blog posts like this. Others may become blog posts themselves. A few may become projects, or ideas for others, or absolute garbage. In fact, a lot of them are garbage, that’s the tricky part (weeding out the good stuff).

But until I get to the point where I’m hitting home runs off every pitch, the best I can do is to write a little bit every day, and come up with the best ideas possible.

I have little doubt that it’s the best pair of habits I can develop.