The “Two Projects A Month” Plan

I find it’s easier to do things to improve myself when I set some sort of timeline in place. I don’t want to micromanage it–that’s just frustrating–but instead I want to create habits. And when I want to create that habit, I find what I want to do and I try to do it every day for 30 days.

And since we’re near the beginning of a new month, I figure it’s perfect timing to implement this sort of thing.

So, beginning August 1, I’m going to focus on two personal betterment projects a month. They’ll be focused on things that improve creativity, knowledge, health. finances, or whatever else comes up. There are just a few rules as to what I’m selecting:

1) I can’t choose something that I’m already actively doing (like “write every day!”)

2) It needs to be something that doesn’t cost a lot of money (a small startup price isn’t unacceptable, however).

3) It doesn’t need to be fun, but it needs to be something I’d enjoy doing (or at least something IĀ thinkĀ I’d enjoy).

So for August, I’ve picked these two:

  • No eating out. This includes snacks, lunch at work, or anything else that isn’t. “I brought this food from home.” I have a more detailed plan that I’ll write about in the coming days.
  • Pick a language I know nothing about and study it. Not necessarily shoot for fluency–or even broken conversation–but learn what I can for 30 minutes a day over a month’s time. I haven’t picked out a language yet, but I have a few on my shortlist.

I have a bunch of other options lined up for the coming months. There are also the things I’m going to strive for any day anyways: Walk as much as possible, write, eat healthy, generate ideas, drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep, and try to smile a bit. Life is all about taking steps in the right direction, and that’s what I’m going for. I don’t need to reach the end immediately.