The second greatest habit I’ve ever developed (then broke)–after daily writing–was idea generation. It was something I borrowed from writer/investor James Altucher. It’s simple: Write ten ideas a day. About anything at all. Try to theme them, though.

It’s the one thing I always do when I feel an emotional or mental low. And it always makes me feel somewhat batter. And doing it every day makes idea generation a little bit easier, the idea a little bit better, and the desire to act on those ideas a lot stronger. Continue reading

The “Two Projects A Month” Plan

I find it’s easier to do things to improve myself when I set some sort of timeline in place. I don’t want to micromanage it–that’s just frustrating–but instead I want to create habits. And when I want to create that habit, I find what I want to do and I try to do it every day for 30 days.

And since we’re near the beginning of a new month, I figure it’s perfect timing to implement this sort of thing. Continue reading

Just write.

Seriously, every time I stop writing regularly, my emotional state takes a shot.

I don’t know what it is, but the act of putting words down on something–whether it be on paper, on a blog, in an email, or any place else–makes me feel better. About work. Life. The world. Humanity. All of it. Continue reading